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Here are couple of things to keep in mind when searching for films.

Search is based on the search string, NOT on the words in the search string. So if you are looking for "Once Upon A Time In America", DON'T use search strings like "once upon america" or "once time america", search fails in those cases! Use "Once upon" or "time in america".

At the moment boolean (AND, OR) searches are not supported.

* If search failed...
- First thing to do, check that you typed title correctly
- Keep the search string as simple as possible.
- Did you use special characters (for example: "'",":", ",", ".") or do you think that the film title might have those? Then use a word(s) from the title that does not have special characters. For example: when searching for "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" use "Kill bill" or just "bill" or "kill"
- Maybe reviews are under alternative title, check © 2003 - 2022
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